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     Class on the internet is a very interesting concept, as it can differ from the typical way we identify a persons class which is power and money; however, it still holds true for the most part to these concepts. On the internet, class is identified by knowledge, the power of ones computer (which depends on how much one can afford), reputation, and the willingness to learn. People often compare the frames per a second in games as a method of measuring who has a better computer. The person with a better FPS (Frames per a Second) would be the person with a higher class. The more one knows about computers and the internet the higher class one is. Also, if one is willing and eager to learn, people can factor that in to be a slight component of internet class. How well and how renowned he or she is on the internet also is a huge factor to that individuals overall class. If no one knows someone, despite the large potential they have, they will not be ranked high on the classification scale. People who hold and command more respect are going to be ranked and classified higher on the internet.