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Social Network      The results of the survey were very interesting. Questions one through six illustrated that people are rather comfortable disclosing identity markers online with some markers more easily disclosed then others. Gender was by far the most common trait to be outwardly told to individuals. The general consensus is that people will identify themselves if asked. There were few exceptions where people would not identify themselves at all. Much of this could be for security purposes. An interesting concept on the internet is that people actually do give away all this information despite the fact that they can hide from others on the internet. Since people are actually not coming in direct contact with one another, they feel safer. Extreme cases such as MySpace and Facebook allow others to readily find information about other individuals.

     People are very honest on the internet in most internet social interactions. There seems to be a spectrum of honesty across the internet, with the majority of the spectrum representing the honest side. Only about 20 percent of all internet interactions have some component of dishonesty or misleading to them. The closer these internet interactions become towards a true social situation, the more honest individuals come. For example, if two individuals were using a webcam to communicate, they are likely to be very honest, if not more honest, then in an actual social interaction. Assuming both individuals can see one another, they have ways of verifying others honesty. The next closest social interaction would be a direct voice to voice chat. People are for the most part very honest in these situations as well. As the interaction becomes more chat based, the honesty declines, but only slightly, until you enter into the virtual realm, where dishonesty goes up; however, there are still some very honest individuals. For example, in the game World of Warcraft, people can craft their characters any they would like. Many individuals craft their characters truly to what they look like and then interact in this false social environment.