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Persistence of Social Identities and Sterotypes
     Despite the internet not offering an assurance to the accuracy of the information provided, most individuals assume the information is accurate. For example, in online virtual gaming worlds, male characters in the game will flirt with female characters, when they could quite (and very often are) possibly actual male characters. This phenomenon illustrates the persistence of social classifications on the internet. People still preserve common stereotypical attitudes, as well as creating new ones which can be read bout here. Questions eleven though thirteen demonstrate how just based off common stereotypical readings, people can make inferences. An example would be one individual stating that he or she concluded a person was a "gangster, black, African-American" because he used the word nigger. In the following example, another person stated that he thought the speaker was a straight, sexist, white male because he used the word "Fags." This relates to the stereotypical ideal that many white males are somewhat racist and are against gays to some extent. Also, since the speaker said he hated poor people, the reader made the logical conclusion that the person was white because they have the highest average income. In survey question thirteen, the speaker is defined as a hacker, nerd, and being a white male. This happens because the individual again used the word "Fag" and proceeds to use advanced computer terms and talking about taking over another website.